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Mazungumzo’s objectives are to make concrete and creative policy recommendations, based on the analysis of political, economic and societal issues of the Africa-Europe inter-relationship.


Mazungumzo is owned solely by the partners. This guarantees the independence of our advice to business or government.

Mazungumzo, Swahili for dialogue, is as an independent not-for-profit organisation, with privileged links to diverse organisations, including businesses, with responsible interests in the mutual EU-Africa relationship.

Given the political, social and economic changes between and within both continents, represented by the EPAs, Mazungumzo wants to make an innovative contribution to Europe-Africa inter-actions and forge a balanced partnership.

Its symbol is the iconic baobab tree, in many parts of Africa since ancient times the meeting place for social consensus building and collective decision making.

Five pillars make up the Forum’s organisation: the Patrons, the Board and the Secretariat.


The Patrons’ role is to support the work of Mazungumzo through their distinguished knowledge, experience and commitment to the African Renaissance.

Hlumelo Biko

South African business man and banker; Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the South African Investment Company Spinnaker Growth Partners; Author of The Great African Society: A Plan for a Nation Gone Astray.

Robert Calederisi

Economist and writer, author of The Trouble with Africa: Why Foreign Aid Isn’t Working.

Mansour Cama

Banker; Former President of the Confederation of Industries of Senegal.

Joaquim Alberto Chissano

Former President of the Republic of Mozambique (1986-2005), President of the Joaquim Chissano Fundation.

Nathalie Delapalme

Executive Director, Research and Policy, Mo Ibrahim Foundation; Former advisor for Africa and Development to the French government and Member of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s Board.

Louis Michel

Member of European Parliament, Co-President of the Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly; Former European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid (2004-09).


The Secretariat is in charge of policy analysis and the administrative tasks.


John Kaninda

African-European Affairs Consulting (AEAC).

Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dr. John Maré

Former Deputy-Ambassador of South Africa to the EU.

Ismael J. Mussá

Lecturer at the Department of Public Administration and Political Science of Faculty Arts and Social Sciences of UEM; Chairman Civic Society Forum.

Maputo, Mozambique.

Chairman: Wim Philippa

Former Secretary-General of the European Round Table of Industrialists.

Dr. Stefan Schepers

Executive Director.

Director and Partner of EPPA (Brussels, Belgium) and AEAC.

Johannesburg, South Africa.

Joris Vandeputte

President Trivarop.

The Board is the final legal authority of the not-for-profit organisation, it decides on the work programme and approves of the annual budget.