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What we do

The EPAs are the new locus of the EU-Africa trade and development relationship. Through greater market opening, EPAs encourage intra-African and inter-regional integration, job creation, and growth. Moreover, they can stimulate research and innovation ecosystems, which will boost on-going economic growth, sustainability and welfare.

Whay we do

The implementation of the EPAs in many African countries determines their mutual benefit. Thus, it is vital to identify and tackle the hurdles to the implementation of each agreement, with particular attention to the nuances in each implementing country.

The EPAs and their implementation will be linked to the following transversal issues which can be considered among the most important present themes of engagement between Europe and Africa, and where the potential positive impact of the EPAs can be significant:


  • Sustainable food production and trade with particular emphasis on food independence and nutritional quality, and the integration of small scale farmers into the food chain
  • Developing the organisation of the health sector
  • Governance modernisation focused on up-to-date structures and mechanisms adapted to the digital age and furthering economic growth
  • Natural resource beneficiation
  • Research and innovation as drivers for competitiveness and education